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Freia Classics & Nidar Smash Gift Box
Freia Classics & Nidar Smash Gift Box

Freia Classics & Nidar Smash Gift Box

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Looking for a great idea or not sure what to gift someone who has everything?
Even if you're not gifting someone else, why not gift YOURSELF! You can NEVER go wrong with chocolate.
Especially Norwegian chocolate! This gift box has an assortment of favorites that include the following:

1. Freia Melkesjokolade 200 Grams
(Milk Chocolate)
This delicious, creamy, and sweet milk chocolate is a classic and staple dating back to 1920. It is also called a small piece of Norway.

2. Freia Daim 200 Grams
(Milk Chocolate with Daim pieces)
Delicious crunchy almond caramel submerged in milk chocolate. Adding a perfect crunch that eventually just melts in your mouth.

3. Freia Firkløver 200 Grams
(Milk Chocolate with chopped hazelnuts)
The original delicious, creamy, and sweet milk chocolate with a flare of chopped and roasted hazelnuts is simply delicious. Dynamic duo!

4. Freia Kvikk Lunsj 200 Grams
(Milk Chocolate with Kvikk Lunsj pieces)
If you have not had Kvikk Lunsj, Kvikk Lunsj is biscuit wafers covered in chocolate. Another profound staple and classic in Norway. If you have tried Kvikk Lunsj, you know this duo combination with classic milk chocolate is all you need.

5. Freia Helnøtt 200 Grams
(Milk Chocolate with whole roasted hazelnuts)
The classic milk chocolate with whole roasted hazelnuts. Just an iconic combination.

6. Freia Walters Mandler 200 Grams
(Milk Chocolate with caramel and almonds)
Freia Milk Chocolate Walter's Almonds consists of the beloved milk chocolate and almonds. The chocolate is melt in your mouth with the nuttiness from the almonds. The almonds are salted, roasted, and caramelized which is the perfect combination.

7. Nidar Smash 200 Grams
SMASH are salty corn chips covered in milk chocolate. Need we say more? If you love sweet and salty, prepare to be obsessed with SMASH.

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